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What is Gender Selection, How to Apply?
    In vitro fertilization applications, the genetic determination method PGD operations for the parents may determine the the gender of the baby they will have prior to pregnancy. Vitro fertilization with PGD in implementation families, 99.9% families choose there baby's gender.
Why Gyno Life?
    Gyno Life IVF infertility and IVF Center was established to provide services of the capital of Nothern Cyprus (Nicosia) Cyprus Life Hospital. The laboratory is equipped with latest technology and aims to be the center of the region's best digits of surgery. Necessary European standards  hardware, doctors, embryologists and nurses with experience in vitro fertilization is the largest center in Turkey are approved  by many.
Stages of In Vitro Fertilization
    In order to obtain a sufficient number of eggs are primarily a drug treatment. After this treatment lasts upto approximately 10-14 days after the eggs are collected under Anesthetic. The laboratory is separated from other cells surrounding the eggs are collected by purging. The candidates received the sperm from the father the same day the sample is subjected to washing.
What is an Egg Donation?
    The definition of the word donation means transfer. Egg donation is for couples who can not have children, the problem is caused by the uterus, many  women have a low percentage of eggs in there uterus, in this case are not able to have a child. Egg donation is popular because of this reason, many women decide to  donate their eggs.
What is a Sperm Donation?
    There is no sperm at all, at least in the treatment of, or a failure to achieve pregnancy, men can not be found by the method of sperm, sperm morphology experiments failed due to disturbances in men for the treatment of cancer, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy-induced testicular injury or congenital absence of sperm production in such situations...
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